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I study new media, multimodal composing, qualitative research methods,
and rhetoric, culture, & postmodern theory. Lately, I've been into how
teachers express themselves in their
classrooms, so I'm writing up data
from this 
national study I conducted—whether, how, and why LGBTQ-

identified writing teachers come out to their students. Here are some 
select publications:

Baumann, Michael, and Darolyn Jones. “Unschooling in Community Literacy
Outreach: Merging School and Community Teaching Practices
." Journal of
Teaching Writing
, vol. 35, no. 2, 2021. pp. 69-108. (online publication forthcoming)

Baumann, Michael.
Do LGBTQ-identified, Postsecondary Writing Instructors
Come Out in Their Classrooms?
 2019. University of Louisville, PhD dissertation.

Co-author: “
On Multimodal Composing.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhet
oric, Technology, and

Pedagogy, Vol 21, no. 2, 2017. n.p. (With Sara P. Alvarez, Michelle Day, Khirsten L. Echols,

Layne M. P. Gordon, Ashanka Kumari, Laura Sceniak Matravers, Jessica Newman, Amy

McCleese Nichols, Caitlin E. Ray, Jon Udelson, Rick Wysocki, and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss)

Michael Baumann stands in blue jeans and a gray blazer carrying a brown meseenger bag and two untitled books. This decorative image is croped from shoulder to shin.
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